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Snow Pass, which has been tested for winter driving performance at TEST WORLD in Finland, is an eye-catching aid that enhances braking by attaching to tires.

2015 Republic of Korea Patent target

Snowpass is a technology patented product that won the Grand Prize in the Life Sector in Korea's Outstanding Patent Award in 2015.

TV Chosun 3488 Hidden Champ aired

Snow Pass was introduced to 'put snow patches ``on TV Chosun 3488 Hidden Champ.

Acquired ISO9001

Snow Bear Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) of KSA-Korea Standards Association.

KTV Broadcasting

Snow Pass was introduced as ``the end of the tire attaching! Slip patch`` in the KTV public broadcasting.

SBS Morning Wide Broadcasting

Snowpath is an idea product introduced in the SBS Morning-Wide TV program, ``A Different Idea in 2015!``

Snow Pass, you can meet in various places.

Snowpath is available at Hyundai Auto &, 'Babomol', E-Mart and Lotte Mart stores nationwide.

Snow Patch, Snow Pass

Snowpath patch is an eye-catching device that prevents slip and increases braking force by increasing frictional force with ground when attached to the ground surface of tires before starting snowing in winter.

Snowpass, which has been tested for winter driving performance in TESTWORLD, Finland

Helps ensure safe driving in winter.

Snow polymer pad and grip enhancing additives, specially designed pattern provides effective traction in snow or slope.

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Easy attachment at minus 20 degrees

Maintain performance even in minus 60 degrees

Easy to install in 5 minutes

After mounting use 500Km away